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Affordable Junk Removal At Your Service

Many people move from one place to another and find themselves with extra junk after all packing is done. Dumpitcheap is a professional junk removal company in Stamford, CT that is available to take care of that extra junk after your move. No need to call your friend to borrow their truck or risking your back while moving heavy items. We will take care of that old furniture and/or appliances for you. Although located in Stamford, Connecticut we take care of all residents and business owners in Fairfield County. So call your neighborhood junk removal service to get rid of your junk!

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    We Do All The Heavy Lifting

    For any furniture removal and other types of junk removal services, Dumpitcheap can make sure to schedule the best time that fits you. We pride ourselves to remove the stress and worry to our customers on carrying any heavy items. Our junk haulers will be more then happy to carry and move the heavy item out of your home or business. To provide a smoother removal, we do suggest separating any old junk from new junk. Our expertise in junk removal will bring ease to your mind and create more space in your place.

    Hauling Junk Away Quickly

    We understand that some junk can be broken, or even infested with pests. Here at Dumpitcheap we don’t care if the junk is in any of these conditions, because we have the expertise to haul away any debris effectively. Are you a landlord? Sometimes tenants may leave junk behind and this is when you need to call a junk removal company you can count on. We can absolutely get any cleanest done in a timely and professional manner.

    What Kind Of Junk Do We Haul?

    Household Junk

    • Appliance Removal 
    • Furniture Removal 
    • Mattress Disposal
    • Hot Tub Removal 
    • Scrap Metal Removal 

    Office Junk

    • Office Clean Outs
    • Cubicle Recycling
    • Electronics & Computer Removal
    • Printer Recycling

    General Junk

    • Yard Debris Removal
    • Rubbish Removal 
    • Garbage Removal
    • Waste Removal​
    • And More…..
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